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The Basics

Who can use MASONLIVE?

MASONLIVE is available to anyone who is an active student at George Mason University. It is the official Mason student e-mail system.

Why use the MASONLIVE student e-mail?

Your George Mason University MASONLIVE e-mail account is the official means of campus communication.  Important information regarding registration, billing, coursework, and other university announcements will only be delivered to this account.

What is included with the MASONLIVE account?

Your MASONLIVE student e-mail account provides e-mail, a calendar, and a contact list.

Can I access MASONLIVE on my Mac?

Yes. Mac computers can access MASONLIVE. Please see the list of supported browsers.

What is my MASONLIVE e-mail address?

Your e-mail address will be your NetID (Mason username) followed by (example:

How do I log in to my MASONLIVE student e-mail account?

After you set up your MASONLIVE e-mail (which you will do the first time you connect to MASONLIVE—please see the instructions and more details on our 1st Login Instructions page), you will be able to connect to your MASONLIVE account in several different ways:

  1. Through the MASONLIVE web site
    Log in through You will need to log in with NetID (Mason username) and your current Patriot Pass password. 
  2. Through the myMason portal
    Once you connect to, you can click on the e-mail link in the portal for direct access to your MASONLIVE e-mail.
  3. Through the Outlook web site
    You can also access your MASONLIVE account directly through the Outlook web site ( You will need to type in your full e-mail address (for example, and your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password (this is not your Patriot Pass password, but the separate password you created when you initialized your MASONLIVE account—please see the Tutorials section for how to set/change your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password.

Please note: Be sure to log off any other Microsoft accounts, i.e., Hotmail, before logging in to your MASONLIVE student account. 

How do I access my OneDrive?

OneDrive, a cloud storage drive, is separate from your MASONLIVE account and is maintained by Microsoft. To access OneDrive, you will need to use your Personal Microsoft Password (initially the same as your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password) and login via:

What is my password for my MASONLIVE account?

You have two different passwords for your MASONLIVE account, depending on your method of entry to MASONLIVE. If you connect via, your password is your Patriot Pass password. 

The MASONLIVE Microsoft Password will allow you to log in to your MASONLIVE e-mail directly through and will also be used to set up your e-mail on your mobile device, or an e-mail client application. Your initial MASONLIVE Microsoft Password is your G Number (including the capital G).

Which password should I use for what?

Please use the password indicated in the chart below for the various MASONLIVE and Microsoft products.

To log in to:
  Use this password:
    Patriot Pass
    MASONLIVE Microsoft Password
  • OneDrive,
  • Messenger, or
  • Skype
  Personal Microsoft Password

What is my Personal Microsoft Password?

Your Personal Microsoft Password is managed from the OneDrive site and is maintained entirely by you. Forgotten passwords are handled via challenge questions, back-up e-mail address, or Microsoft directly via Your initial Personal Microsoft Password is the same as your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password.

What browsers and e-mail clients are supported?

A list of supported browsers can be found here.

Who do I contact for support for my MASONLIVE account?

For questions or issues with MASONLIVE e-mail, please contact the ITU Support Center at 703-993-8870 (x38870 from on campus phones) or at

Other areas of the product are supported directly by Microsoft and may be found within the applications themselves.

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Account Management

How do I reset my password?

Can I forward my e-mail out of MASONLIVE and into another account?

Yes. But if you forward your MASONLIVE student e-mail to another account, official e-mail may get caught and eliminated by the spam filters used by the receiving account. You may choose to forward your account via a rule in MASONLIVE (this can be found under the "Options" menu). For more information, please see the tutorials page.

How can I use mail clients such as Outlook with my MASONLIVE account?

Outlook (2010 for Windows or 2011 for Mac) is the supported e-mail client. Use Exchange protocol to access all features. Other clients may support limited features through the use of IMAP.

Can I check my e-mail using my mobile device?

Yes. Please see Mason's mobile device site ( for set-up instructions for the most popular devices. If your device is not listed, please visit Microsoft's mobile device set-up wizard. When configuring MASONLIVE e-mail on your mobile device you must use your full e-mail address [NetID] and your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password. If you need to learn how to set your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password, please review the information found on the tutorials page.

What happens if I change my name?

Changing your NetID is not available. If you would like to change the way your name is displayed, you can do so by following the How to Change Your Display Name tutorial.

I need an accessible version of MASONLIVE. How do I switch to it?

It is simple to switch to an accessible version of MASONLIVE. After you log in to MASONLIVE, please click the gear icon in the top right and select DISPLAY SETTINGS. Then click OUTLOOK WEB APP VERSION. Check the box for USE THE LIGHT VERSION OF OUTLOOK WEB APP. The next time you log in, you will be using the light version.

When I log into MASONLIVE on the web (OWA), my e-mail looks different. What is going on?

You may either be using the light version of the Outlook Web App or viewing it via mobile browser. Mobile browsers such as Safari on an iPad do not support all the features of the MASONLIVE system. If you are using the accessible version, you may opt to change back to the full version. After you log into MASONLIVE, please click the gear icon in the top right and select DISPLAY SETTINGS. Then click OUTLOOK WEB APP VERSION. Un-check the box for USE THE LIGHT VERSION OF OUTLOOK WEB APP. The next time you log in, you will be back in the full version.

I accidently deleted something in my MASONLIVE account. How can I get it back?

By default, when something is deleted, it is placed in the Deleted Items folder. Items remain in the Deleted Items folder for 30 days by default. If you need to recover an item deleted more than 30 days ago or if you emptied your Deleted Items, items are recoverable for an additional 14 days by right-clicking on the Deleted Items folder and selecting Recover Deleted Items from within Outlook Web App.

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Employees Who Are Students

How do you determine who has both a MASONLIVE and an Office 365 account and where the e-mail goes?

The following table outlines the process for determining e-mail accounts at MASON:

I am a:
  MASONLIVE account:   Office 365 account:   Mail sent to
goes to*:
  Student only (full-time or part-time)  
  Student & university employee (student wage employee only)  
  Student & university employee (including classified, admin faculty, teaching faculty, and adjunct faculty)  
Office 365
  Teaching faculty only (including full-time, adjunct)  
Office 365
  Employee only (full- or part-time, including classified, admin faculty, or wage staff)  
Office 365
*Note: If you have a MASONLIVE account, you may always receive e-mail directly at

Why should I set up MASONLIVE account if I already have an Office 365 account?

If you do not set up your MASONLIVE account, you may miss important messages from your professors. You can always forward your MASONLIVE account to your Office 365 mail account—please see I have both an Office 365 and MASONLIVE account—how can I get my e-mail in one spot? for information on how to set up forwarding.

Where did my timesheet reminders go? How can I get them in MASONLIVE?

Your timesheet reminders are sent to your address—please see the table above to determine to which e-mail system this e-mail address will be directed. If you wish to see all your e-mail in MASONLIVE, please refer to the question I'm both an employee and a student. How can I get my e-mail in one spot?

I have both an Office 365 and a MASONLIVE account—how can I get my e-mail in one spot?

Users may always set up an inbox rule in MASONLIVE to forward e-mail to their Office 365 account. For more information, please see the MASONLIVE tutorials.

Additionally, you may use an e-mail client application such as Outlook, which allows for multiple accounts to be accessed via single application while keeping the mailboxes themselves separate. Most mobile devices also provide this functionality (e.g., multiple e-mail accounts accessed via a single iPhone).

What happens if I am no longer a Mason employee—will my Office 365 account go away?

Office 365 accounts should remain active only while you are an active employee. Once your employment with the university ends, your Office 365 account will be closed.

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Spam Management

Will I receive daily Spam Quarantine digest messages?

Yes, you will receive IronPort Spam Quarantine digests daily (when you have messages that were marked as Spam). However, you will also notice that Microsoft will mark messages as Spam. Those messages will not be included in the IronPort Spam Quarantine, you can find those in the Junk folder.

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How do I set up a safe senders list in MASONLIVE?

You can find instructions for how to set up a safe senders list in the Tutorials section.