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Overview/Upgrade Information

MASONLIVE is the official e-mail system for students at Mason, powered by Microsoft Office 365. MASONLIVE offers:

Upgrade Overview (Completed February 10, 2014)

Preparing for the Upgrade  |  During the Upgrade  |  For More Information  |  The New OWA User Interface

On the evening of Sunday, February 2, 2014, Microsoft will begin the upgrade of your MASONLIVE accounts. All accounts will be upgraded within 2 weeks. This update will change the look, feel, and features of the Outlook Web App (OWA – the web interface) accessed using either your Mason NetID and password at or using your full e-mail address and your Mason Microsoft Password at Highlights of the upgrade changes include:

Note: The look and feel of the desktop and mobile clients does not change with this upgrade.

See the New OWA User Interface to see examples of the new look and feel and to learn about the changes.

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Preparing for the Upgrade

The MASONLIVE implementation team recommends that you review the following items PRIOR to the upgrade to ensure you can continue to access your account after the upgrade:

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During the Upgrade

The upgrade process will take place over a two-week period as each account is transitioned. There may be periods of intermittent service disruptions for individual students during the time when Microsoft upgrades their account. E-mail will continue to be delivered during the upgrade.

You may experience short periods of time where:

  1. you cannot log in to your e-mail, or
  2. you can log in, but you cannot see your folders or older messages in your inbox.

These issues are temporary and will be resolved when Microsoft finishes upgrading your individual account. We will send out an e-mail message to all students once the upgrade process is completed. If you are still experiencing issues with your e-mail after the "all-clear" message has been sent, please contact the ITU Support Center at 703-993-8870.

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For More Information

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The New OWA User Interface

The Page Banner

At the top of Outlook Web App, you find notifications, links to each of the types of information stored in your mailbox, and links to your personal information and options.

OWA Header
  1. These icons will appear when you have a new message or a calendar or task reminder. You can click on the envelope to see a preview of the latest new message or on the calendar to view and manage calendar and task reminders.
  2. Click here to switch to other areas of Outlook Web App.
  3. Chat status, personal information, options, and help. Use this area to sign in to chat and to manage your chat status, to change your personal information, go to options, or sign out of your account.

The Mail Page

When you sign in to Outlook Web App, you'll go straight to your Inbox. For more information about messages in Outlook Web App, go to Mail Overview.

OWA Page1

This is where you'll find your messages.

  1. New message. Create a new message by clicking the icon new mail.
  2. Folders. The folder list includes the folders in your mailbox and Favorites. It may include other folders. You can collapse this pane by clicking on the folder icon at the top. You can expand and collapse folders in this view by clicking on the triangle icons next to the folder names.
  3. Search window. Type what it is you want to search for here, such as the name of a person you want to find messages from or text that you want to search for to find a particular message.
  4. List of messages in the current folder. Each entry in the list view has additional information, such as how many messages there are in a conversation and how many are unread, or if there is an attachment, flag, or category associated with any messages in the conversation. A conversation can have one or more messages. When a conversation is selected, you can delete it, add a flag, or add a category by clicking the icons. At the top of the list view are filters that you can click to quickly find message that are unread, the include your name in the To or the Cc line, or that have been flagged. In addition to filters, you'll see the name of the folder you're viewing and the view that you've selected.
  5. The reading pane, where the conversation that you've selected is displayed. You can respond to any message in the conversation by clicking the links on the right.


After your inbox, the calendar is probably where you'll spend the most time when using Outlook Web App. For more information about calendars in Outlook Web App, go to Calendar Overview.

OWA Page 2
  1. Create a new event by clicking new event. An event can be an appointment, a meeting, or an all-day event.
  2. Use the calendars to navigate from one date to another. Shading will show you what week you're currently viewing, and a darker shading marks the current date. You can use the calendar icon at the top to collapse or expand this side of the calendar view.
  3. You can view more than one calendar at a time. This section lets you add other people's calendars and select which to display.
  4. This is another area that you can use to navigate from one day to another. Click on any of the dates to jump to that date. Click on the arrows on either end to see the dates before or after what's displayed.
  5. The main window, where the calendars will be displayed.
  6. Select the view you want and share or print your calendar.

See Getting Started in the Outlook Web App for more examples of the new look and feel and to learn about the changes.

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