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Setting/Resetting your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password

MASONLIVE provides you with the ability to push/pull your e-mail to another location such as your mobile phone (iPhone, Droid, etc.), other e-mail account (gmail, etc.) or mail client (Outlook). To do this, you will need know your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password.

Please remember, this does not impact your Patriot Pass password used to access Mason applications, including MASONLIVE via the login page.

There are two ways you may change your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password:

OPTION 1: If you DO NOT know your current password

You may request that your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password be reset by following the MASONLIVE Microsoft Password Reset process. This process will generate a temporary MASONLIVE Microsoft Password for you that you can use to set a MASONLIVE Microsoft Password of your choosing.

OPTION 2: You know your current password and would like to update it

  1. Log into your MASONLIVE account.

  2. screen shot showing options linkClick the “Options” link in the top right corner near the Find Someone box, then select "See All Options..." from the drop down list.

  3. In the "Shortcuts to other things you can do" area, select "Change your password."
  4. screen shot of options button

  5. Complete the Change Password form.
  6. Change Password Form

  7. Click Save when complete.

NOTE: this only changes your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password. Your Patriot Pass password is not impacted.